Citizens Uneasy at News of Purge

Kang Mi Jin  |  2013-12-09 19:15

On the 8th, North Korea held a meeting of the expanded Central Committee Politburo, during which a resolution was passed relieving Jang Sung Taek of all his posts. Now the North Korean people are officially aware that Jang has been dismissed for opposing Kim Jong Euns policy, and the specific nature of the revelations is causing widespread shock.

In particular, the dismissal of Jang, who was supposed to be assisting the young Kim Jong Eun in his rise to power, is raising concerns among the people that the North Korean regime could become unstable.

A source from North Hamkyung Province told Daily NK earlier today, This rumor has been doing the rounds that people near Jang Sung Taek were executed, and people have been wondering whether Jang would be done away with, too. Now the whole city is reeling at the details of Jangs expulsion that they showed on Chosun Central Television and put in Rodong Sinmun. 

Jang Sung Taek is a familiar face for people, and one of the most trusted as well. He watched over the Marshal (Kim Jong Eun), and is even his uncle. People thought that if there were ever to be a problem within the Party Jang Sung Taek would play a big role, so the fact that he has been disposed of in a purge like this is causing great discomfort. 

People say that they thought[Kim Jong Euns] political style was a bit different from his fathers, but hes no different; just like his father, if he feels threatened he is even prepared to attack his family, the source said. 

We assumed that the captain of the Kim Jong Eun regime was Jang, and that the young and inexperienced Kim Jong Eun was getting a lot of political advice from his uncle.There is now the rumor that this incident occurred because Jang went against the orders of Kim on economic reform, he added. In fact, todays Rodong Sinmun denunciation of Jangs actions contains this information.

A second source added, Upon hearing the news about Jangs close associates being executed, even women with no interest in politics are talking about how the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and Kim Jong Eun truly is his fathers son. Kim Jong Il also ruthlessly executed his own family [Kim Song Ae] when it got in his way.

The source predicted, From now on the Party bulletin [RodongSinmun] will strengthen the case against Jang Sung Taek, and there will be lectures and meetings about it. In Party and workers organizations and Peoples Units, this will be generalized to try and halt ideological drift and internal instability.

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