Ruling Party Urges Passage of NKHR Act

Koo Jun Hoe  |  2014-01-14 12:48
Hwang Woo Yea of South Koreas ruling Saenuri Party has said in regard to the languishing North Korean Human Rights Act, "I hope (the bill) will be passed without fail upon agreement between the ruling and opposition parties during the extraordinary session of the National Assembly in February."

Speaking at a National Assembly press conference, Hwang continued, It is no longer acceptable to sit by and do nothing about the issue of human rights in North Korea."

However, "Specific ways of supporting (North Korea) are contained in a separate law on supporting North Korea, so they should be handled by that law."

Hwang also referred to Korean unification as a future growth engine, and vowed to strengthen the ruling partys Unification Committee. 

Active support will be provided so that North Korean defectors (living in the South) can play a bridging role in a unified era, he added. 

Democratic Party (DP) chairman Kim Han Gil announced yesterday his party would design a "North Korean Human Rights and Livelihoods Act," a move long avoided by the DP on grounds that it would aggravate the North and worsen inter-Korean relations.
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